Our team is intentionally small. It’s also highly experienced. We pride ourselves on our efficient, streamlined approach that enables direct translation of the creative brief.

Kris McKnight
Founder & Creative Director

Kris is the visionary behind MONOGRAM and the brands we help bring to life. He employs a great deal of craftsmanship in what we do and this is at the heart of our work. What is creativity if it isn’t the belief that things can be better and it is with this in mind that Kris leads our team to inspire the best design outcome for your brand.

Louise Barron
Director, Strategist & Writer

Louise is fiercely strategic with deep brand and commercial insight. With information flowing at high speed, she helps businesses stretch and flex to stay relevant. Louise blends creative thinking with analytical rigour to develop themes and key messages that work across a brand’s communication platforms, externally and internally.

Leigh Share
Digital Director

Leigh is our digital guru. He navigates our team through a world of endless possibilities to find the right solution. Digital is changing constantly and Leigh is happiest when he has his finger on the pulse, driving brand engagement and customer loyalty through beautiful, intelligent, user-friendly design.