Turning a business into a brand

Before White & Co., Battersea Rise Dental Studios stood as an independent private dental practice in Battersea, South London. To its existing patients, the practice was known for delivering quality dentistry and has done so since 1990. However, for prospective patients this was not being communicated and with such ambitious expansion plans, it was time to re-evaluate the branding.

The Challenge

MONOGRAM was commissioned to create a new brand, which would unite all future acquisitions sharing the same values and demographics. With practices located in affluent neighbourhoods around London the new brand did not wish to play by conventional rules of Dentistry. Our job was not only to create a standout brand name, visual identity and brand experience but to do so in a way which felt like a brand improving as it grew — at all times delivering the highest quality treatments in state-of-the-art settings.

Our Solution

White & Co practices bear all the characteristics you would expect from a local dentist; friendly, approachable and caring. However this brand wanted to offer more than just the usual neighbourhood charm. It needed to be smarter in every way. We created a new name and distinctive brand mark which immediately puts a smile in the mind. The resulting identity is luxurious yet welcoming and was applied consistently throughout the customer experience from the website, marketing materials and advertising to interiors and signage.